Ma Ngọc Giang

From left to right: Ms. Ha, Mr. Ma Ngọc Giang, Minh Ngoc Schimmelmann, Jay Lennon and professor Phuong (at Lùng Khúy village, Quản Bạ district, Hà Giang province, March 2016).

Mr. Ma Ngọc Giang

Any scientific fieldwork and experiments by foreign visitors in karst caves on the Đồng Văn plateau requires an official permit. The EOS group established contacts with Mr. Ma Ngọc Giang and other local officials of Đồng Văn Karst Plateau Geopark in Hà Giang Province, thus providing reliable logistic support for our research.

EOS team members and officers of the Management Board Đồng Văn Karst Plateau Geopark pose after visiting Lùng Khuý cave, Quản Bạ, Hà Giang (December 2015)

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