Maar Reference

Paleolimnological and paleoclimatic publications about lacustrine sediments listed below offer some good guidance and ideas for Vietnam maar lake research. EOS group members have been continuously collecting and updating the list.

1. SE Asia paleolimnological records

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2. Paleosecular Variation Activity – Paleomagnetic dating

Panovska, S., Constable, C. G., & Brown, M. C. (2018). Global and regional assessments of paleosecular variation activity Over the Past 100 ka. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems, 19, 1559– 1580.

3. Sediment chronology

4. Tephra:

I just read an article about the life of a famous paleolimnologist and was amazed about the observation that a thick tephra layer can be much heavier than fluffy topmost lake sediment, thus sink down through the fluff and be instantly buried at some depth below the sediment/water interface. In theory, this could have happened also in Bien Ho, at least we cannot rule this out yet.

Menking, K. In Memoriam: Roger Yates Anderson (1927–2021). J Paleolimnol 67, 95–100 (2022).

5. Coring techniques

Mingram, J., Negendank, J.F.W., Brauer, A. et al. Long cores from small lakes—recovering up to 100 m-long lake sediment sequences with a high-precision rod-operated piston corer (Usinger-corer). J Paleolimnol 37, 517–528 (2007).

6. Varve and Lamination

Schimmelmann, A., Lange, C.B., Schieber, J., Francus, P., Ojala, A.E.K., Zolitschka, B., 2016. Varves in marine sediments: a review. Earth-Science Reviews 159, 215–246. .

Zolitschka, B., Francus, P., Ojala, A.E., Schimmelmann, A., 2015. Varves in lake sediments—a review. Quat Sci Rev 117:1–41. .

7. Other

Verschuren, D., 2001. Reconstructing fluctuations of a shallow East African lake during the past 1800 yrs from sediment stratigraphy in a submerged crater basin. Journal of Paleolimnology (2001) 25: 297,

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Chassiot L., Miras Y., Chapron E., Develle A.L., Arnaud F., Motelica-Heino M., Di Giovanni C., 2018. A 7,000-year environmental history and erosion record inferred from the deep sediments of Lake Pavin (Massif Central, France). Palaeogeography, Palaoeclimatology, Palaeoecology, 497, 218-233. .

Chassiot L., Chapron E, Di Giovanni C., Albéric P., Lajeunesse P., Lehours A-C, Meybeck M., 2016. Extreme events in the sedimentary record of maar Lake Pavin: implications for natural hazards assessment in the French Massif Central. Quaternary Science Reviews, 141, 9-25. .

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