Nùng Văn Minh

Mr. Minh and his family in Yen Minh, Ha Giang
  • Mr. Minh (behind, left) is an officer at the Division of Culture and Information, People’s Committee of  Yên Minh  district, Hà Giang province.
  • Minh’s family is living at a mountainous village at Bạch Đích commune, Yên Minh – near the border between Vietnam and China.
  • Minh’s family kindly permitted our EOS group to perform experiments in their mud house (not shown here).
  • The EOS group had much fun (Củ Cải – Daikon and Sâu Tre) when working and living with Minh’s family. The mud house will be a show case for successful thoron remediation.
  • Vietnam’s Hà Giang province is located in the northernmost mountainous region. The time-consuming travel between Hà Giang and Hanoi prevents our group from performing frequent measurements in inhabited mud houses. In October 2017, Mr. Minhs family and friends from a village in Hà Giang province helped the EOS group transporting local mud to Hanoi, and then used traditional mud-house construction techniques to build a small mud house in a Hanoi suburb. The full-size  mud house is being used for assessment of various remediation strategies.

  • Minh got married to an EOS member, Nguyệt, at the end of 2017

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