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From left to right: Ms. Ha, Mr. Ma Ngọc Giang, Minh Ngoc Schimmelmann, Jay Lennon and professor Phuong (at Lùng Khúy village, Quản Bạ district, Hà Giang province, March 2016)

Mr. Ma Ngọc Giang


Mr. Jian Liu


Mrs. Minh Ngọc Schimmelmann

  • Cultural liaison and organizer

Mr. Minh and his family in Yen Minh, Ha Giang

  • Mr. Minh (behind, left) is an officer at the Division of Culture and Information, People’s Committee of  Yên Minh  district, Hà Giang province.
  • Minh’s family is living at a mountainous village at Bạch Đích commune, Yên Minh – near the border between Vietnam and China.
  • Minh’s family kindly permitted our EOS group to perform experiments in their mud house (not shown here).
  • The EOS group had much fun (Củ Cải – Daikon and Sâu Tre) when working and living with Minh’s family. The mud house will be a show case for successful thoron remediation.

Photographer Do Ngoc Diep and his family in Pleiku

  • Mr. Điệp is a professional photographer – a girl’s dream.
  • Điệp’s family is living near Bien Ho – a largest maar lake in Pleiku, Gia Lai province – Central Highland of Vietnam.
  • His family assists our EOS group with the maar lake project near Pleiku.
  • Điệp travelled with the EOS group to Hà Giang province in December 2016 where he took many nice pictures for EOS’s website.
  • https://www.facebook.com/thangteotammua

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