Thang Le-Quyet

dsc00531Thang Le-Quyet

  • Date of birth: 21/09/1990
  • Academic title: Bachelor
  • Administrative: Researcher
  • Department: Faculty of Geology
  • Institution: Hanoi University of Science – VNU
  • Cell phone: 0084-973930947
  • E-mail:


  1. Nguyễn-Văn, Hướng, Dương Nguyễn-Thùy, Jan P. Schimmelmann, Bernd Zolitschka, Thân Tạ-Văn, Nguyệt Nguyễn-Ánh, Phương Tạ Hòa, Dương Nguyễn-Thùy, Thắng Lê-Quyết, Quỳnh Nhi Phạm-Nữ, Vũ Huỳnh-Kim and Arndt Schimmelmann (2017) Exploring the paleoenvironmental potential of laminated maar sediment in central Vietnam: An archive of regional paleo-flooding? PAGES Zaragoza 2017 5th Open Science Meeting ”Global challenges for our common future – a paleoscience perspective”, 9-13 May, 2017, Zaragoza, Spain (, Session #16: Multidisciplinary reconstruction of paleofloods. [Poster JPEG]

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